Field Service Basics:

Work Order Creation.

The first part of any field service transformation is centred around how field-based work is generated.  We ask questions such as: How are Work Orders created?  How and what information is entered based on incoming call, email, portal or service agreements? How do you mark Work Orders as ready to be scheduled?


Create Work Orders from Won Opportunities, Customer Cases and Agreements, seamlessly.

Microsoft Field Service allows for work to be created from many different scenarios.  It may be that you've just sold an asset to a customer that needs installation.  Convert won opportunities to Work Orders to fulfill this need.  It may be that an incoming call to your Call Centre requires a field technician to be dispatched for a break-fix job.  This time, Customer Service Cases can easily be converted to Work Orders to meet this need.  Or it may even be that you have a maintenance agreement with your customer, requiring quarterly preventative maintenance or inspections to be performed against a series of assets.  Here, Work Orders can be automatically created and allocated to technicians, to meet your compliance obligations.

Whatever the scenario, Microsoft Field Service can create the Work Order to meet your customer needs.