What do Formula One and Field Service have in common?

If you follow motor racing you must be under the impression like me that companies like Formula One must be all about racing and its automobiles. Do you know what Cryil Abiteboul, the Managing Director of Renault Sport Formula One Team believes?  He says, “Formula One is all about data. At the lifeblood of the team, that’s where the intellectual property sits.” How, and what is this data they are talking about?


I was quite fascinated when I read that over a course of a race weekend, they generate about 35 billion data points. These data points are acquired from and define the information about the aerodynamics, the engine, the tires, in fact even the drivers and everything that can affect a car’s performance. Formula One uses Microsoft technology from end-to-end such as Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure IoT. From designing a part, to simulating an aerodynamics flow, manufacturing, to creating an engineering change order and tracking a part’s entire life cycle – everything goes via Dynamics 365! That makes me really curios about Dynamics 365 offerings in IoT and Connected Field Service. 


Like in this case, in this era of ever emerging technology ,little do we know on how our devices are connected and how they communicate constantly. Microsoft offers its IoT solution through which we can actually analyse information from our devices through the signals that it constantly receives. And it doesn’t stop there, on the basis of this analysis, it also identifies any anomalies if present as try to resolve this issue remotely itself, if possible! Now imagine, all this happening if you are a field service based organisation – Voila! This is a very high level example of the capability of Microsoft’s IoT and Connected Field Service.