What is Common Data Services?


While every-one is talking about different technology jargon, one things that I have been coming across very often these days is “Common Data Services”. So while this is a term used often, so we really understand what it means and how it affects your infrastructure?

Talking about the concept from Microsoft’s perspective, Common Data Services is a Microsoft Azure based cloud data storage that allows you to integrate across various applications, which can be either Azure based or non-Azure based, in very simple words. This allows the availability of data at one place and hence giving and end to end view of your business data.

The great thing about this service is the service comes up with what is called a “Common Data Model”. This model basically comes with out-of-the-box entities and relationships of various modules like Sales/ Marketing etc. This is a massive advantage as you don’t have to start from scratch and have a platform to just develop the application with minimum customizations.

Additionally, there are two types of CDS by Microsoft : CDS for Apps (for PowerApps, Flow etc.) and CDS for Analytics for better integration across the analytical tools like Power BI. This also helps seamless integration through various API’s, helps better manage Application Lifecycle Management (ALM),  importing data through Power Query and much more.