We're all connected. Why not our assets?

So, you're doing good old-fashioned field service: installations; preventative maintenance; break-fix; etc. Great! But, how do you know if and when you're ready for the next step - connected field service - where the assets your maintaining 'tell' you when they need some maintenance? Getting to this point is really cool, and there are some indicators that will help you figure out if you're ready.

  1. You're already using a field service management tool successfully. Existing use of a modern field service application is a great start. This makes the change effort much less with the value of an automated system already understood, from field technician to executive. You're on your way.
  2. You want your technicians to move beyond simple break-fix. Your technicians are already experts in their field, and they're experts in your customer's assets too. They can do more and they want to add additional value to their customers. Employing connected field service will inevitably enable your technicians to be more efficient, and allow them to focus on higher-order issues and opportunities, enhancing the customer experience.
  3. There is an appetite for technology adoption across the business. If you are ready, willing and able to embrace the digital transformation revolution, then you are most likely ready to take the next step with your field service operations. You need to have the right mindset to take the leap.
  4. You need to improve your performance KPIs. If you want to focus your efforts on your highest priorities and the most valuable activities, then connected field service will help here. You will, for example be able to evolve your service execution to 'just in time' (rather than 'just too late') based on consumption or event triggers, and not a regular schedule, performing a service when it may not actually be needed.
  5. You are considering new revenue streams. By connecting your supported devices to the Internet, you may be able to offer consumption-based services to your customers (like the software companies do) rather than a one-time sale of the asset. This could be in terms of hours of operation or other variable consumption units.

By harnessing the power of connected devices combined with the cloud, you can shift from a traditional break-fix repair model to a never-fail service model, and inevitably increase your customer satisfaction. If you think you're ready, what are you waiting for?

Ref: 5 ways to know you are ready for connected field service, Microsoft, 2018.