Process Standardisation In Field Service Management

When it comes to talking about key trends in Field Service Organisations, we cannot miss out on how organisations are transforming from their legacy systems to the latest ones with the primary goal of reaching their various KPI’s. While looking at the outcomes following the implementations, there are a lot of things that the organisations look up to, that will improve in terms of profit and customer services. But they don’t realise the huge opportunity that presents itself in this situation, one which doesn’t present itself too often and can have a deep and meaningful impact. This is the opportunity to implement best practices, a perfect time for Process Standardization.  

The most common reason an organisation to decides to go for digital transformation is when they start failing on delivering good customer service due to poor management. One reason for this to happen is the use of legacy software, where a lot of tasks are allowed to be done manually. Hence, this results in the employees not having the same code of conduct, resulting in various forms of truth (from a data perspective) across the various systems that draw from this data. This becomes an even larger problem when the company has various business units across the country or even internationally. Imagine each department in the same business unit having their own methods and they happen to work on the same project? Hence, it is essential for companies to realise the importance of implementing best practices and standardizing these across all their departments and all the various business units that they have. 

In saying this, process standardization is not an easy or a one day task that can be performed anytime. It has to be done with the right attitude, opportunity and time. As I said earlier, the best phase is during the “digital transformation” because, your data, your employee’s mindset towards adaptability of change, new suggestions come up and most importantly, this is the time when you reflect on every small thing that has been happening, question it, and try to improve it. 

Process standardization brings uniformity across different departments, business units and regions. This helps in giving your customer the same level of care while increasing compliance and predictability for business. Also, it helps in decreasing ambiguity and guesswork amongst the employees, thus promoting quality, guaranteeing quality and giving more clarity. The one things that also comes handy is enhancement of your data quality and data sharing capability. 

Hence, it is very important for us, to not take the concept for granted as these trivial things actually play a major role in building up your reputation in the market and setting up the right culture in your organisation. So next time, don’t miss the chance !