Asking the right questions, to choose the right solution!

Dealing with various businesses recently and talking about the opportunities for implementing Field Service Solutions, I have come to realise how different each business is. They vary in their approach in almost every aspect; from tracking their leads to methods of taking orders, to ordering products from the suppliers, to their shipping methods, their return policies, managing their policies and the list goes on. Hence I realised how very important it is that businesses think thoroughly about this transformation before they decide on the solution. This lead me to jot down some very important questions that are a must-ask for these businesses keen to go-on further with this journey.  

  • What is the problem I am trying to solve? 

If you think all the solutions that you are looking at are able to solve your problems, you might be missing something. Most of the time, there is no direct solution that you can just get started with. Because there are various other systems that you are working with which might need to be integrated, leading to making new API’s for the integration, not saying though that it is difficult but yes, definitely a factor to be considered. 

  • How will it integrate with our business processes? 

Where is this solution going to be used? Is it going to be used on-site or off-site? Who is going to be the user of this application? For example, your technicians are working on a site away from the city and might need to stay overnight, and on the next day go to any other nearby town, can the solution have an answer to optimizing these kind of problems for you ? How does the licensing of this solution work? Is it based on the resources or the number of users? What are the different kinds of profiles that can be created?  

  • Is this solution future-proof? 

As technology transformations are not something that happen every now and then and it would have been over 10 or 15 years to your organisation’s last transformation. In the past years your organisations or employees would have developed a lot of processes that need flexibility. For example, giving more facilities / advantages to a customer who is a regular one but does not help in generating sales that he actually deserves those benefits. Is this solution flexible enough to for these kind of scenarios and at the same time narrow down your effort in other normal cases by automatization? 

Businesses really need to think about these kind of small scenarios and processes before making the choice of their solution rather than just choosing a solution on the basis of what monetary benefits can this solution help in achieving on a long term or a short term basis.