A day in the life of a Junior Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant

My first six months have come to an end as a Junior Consultant at Sognos Solutions. Alongside my bachelors in Information Technology and my first professional experience being a consultant at Sognos Solutions, I have got what I was looking for – Nice Colleagues, experts in field and challenges every day. 

From the first day of my work, I was being prepared for project management and using tools for the project. Initial weeks were mostly about training and having a bit of project involvement with briefing and how things work at Sognos. Following these weeks, I started attending and participating in the client meetings, playing with the Microsoft Dynamics Platform and creating an application demo for clients. My colleagues and I attended Microsoft workshops such as Microsoft 365 Days, Dynamics Saturday and attend the User Groups Dynamics Tuesday every month to catch up with industry experts and as a way to learn something new.

Being here is exciting. Every day there is a new challenge and something new to learn or talk about, my delivery team share our problems and how we tackle such issues. Being a Junior Consultant working in a Delivery Team puts me in a position where I can learn everything from my senior consultants and Sognos. Our Sognos heads are always motivating and supportive, and they enabled me to develop out my skills such as a strong work ethic, team building, conflict resolution, adaptability and implementing these practices within myself and my career path. 

Moreover, I am a full-time bachelor`s student, and the opportunity here helps me apply my learning into practice. Working here while studying gives rapid exposure gain the industry. As an example, I have a subject named “ICT Project Management” which helps students learn how to work from end-to-end project management. While learning those practices at University, I am applying those acquired skills by working on a real-life project at Sognos Solutions. I have worked on two projects so far. I was given small work packages to work on within the projects. The variety of tasks excites me every day, whether it’s a client meeting, data evaluation, delivering presentations or participating in the development of the organisation. Also, a crucial part of being here and which makes me happy is that even as being a junior consultant I could participate in discussing and solving an issue with my team head and senior consultants.

It’s been a steep learning curve and its tough managing to be a full-time student and be an emerging consultant, But I am enjoying the west road. Tell me about your experience when you started as a junior consultant? Could you relate?