Top 5 Applications for Wearables needed by Field Technicians

I am pretty sure everyone must have heard about wearable technology, and some of you might even have a Fitbit or apple watch on your wrists. Wearable technology has enhanced and changed the way we interact with things. I was searching for new applications, and a thought came across for Applications for Field Service on a Wearable Device. 

Shouldn’t there be an application tracking, while you work and just with a touch you could interact with the system without even getting your mobile out? 

I have read in articles and seen videos about how wearables could bring in the future of interacting with technology. A technician could be wearing both Microsoft Hololens and Holo watch and could easily interact with both them while working. A smart watch could aid in many ways. Some of the simple apps that technicians could use are: 

1. Gallery App for Wear OS | Native Photos app for Apple Watch users

It’s a straightforward app for the smartwatch, with just one touch you could view all your photos on your watch. The app could come in handy for example; a technician is repairing a piece of equipment, she/he could easily have a look at the reference model in the picture while working on the equipment.

2.  Google and Apple Maps

Both Tech-Giant Navigation apps are capable of running on smartwatches. The features to have step-by-step navigation, Voice Commands, GPS on board with the Wearable device. These functionalities give so much accessibility to the technician while driving or navigating to a distant/unknown area. 

They could use the app for directions, checking altitudes, the voice commands could ease for asking the directions with equipment in hand. 

3.  Flashlight for Smartwatches

It's such a simple application. There is a dedicated application for this function in Android OS for wearables. In Watch OS, Apple users have this feature accessible from the control centre. The app lits the watch face for a small amount of energy. This could come in handy when you are working on something and need to see within crevasses. The Field Technician won't be needing a third hand for light. 

4.  SmartWeather for Smartwatch |Weather Underground

Both of the applications show weather updates with tracking your location. The SmartWeather provides forecast up to five days and Weather Underground for ten days. This application is essential for outdoor field technicians. It could also give in the forecast which could help the technician prepare for her/his job site travel and weather conditions.