What are Microsoft PowerApps and how can I use them?


How many times have you been thinking about small things that your phone or an application could do? You stand there thinking; people should have made an app for that.

Well, why don’t you make an app for yourself? Moreover, the good news is that you do not need to code!

What if you could drag & drop modules into your application put buttons, labels, lists, forms, and camera too. Of Course, you do not need coding, but then there is always a catch. Well in this case what you need to make an application of your own is:

 1.   Some basic logic and Math

2. “Excel” formula cheat sheet (https://bit.ly/2rc898Z, Basic version)

3.   And maybe some clicks around Microsoft Flows

Enough of the mystery, I am talking about PowerApps by Microsoft. Microsoft makes many tools for the Business Application Platform group. Perhaps best in the market, as far as customization and extensibility are concerned. You see I am not here to market a Microsoft product, but then if you think about it, we all use Microsoft products, could it be Excel, Word, Windows itself, Outlook, Skype for business, and they are excellent. They run through our daily workplace. Combining all the services provided on a single platform makes it easy to handle and integrate as well.

 Possibilities you could do with PowerApps:

 •   Can automate several processes from ticking an approval to sending tasks to staff when a specific event triggers.

•   Can do create or formulate reports and documents, again all customized.

•   Can integrate with different services, could be Facebook, Twitter, or could be your ERP system, SharePoint, Sequel, an Azure-based service; irrespective of where your data lives.

•   Can attach and extend your work with thousands of AppSource available at Microsoft App Store

PowerApps has many potentials and could be used in a lot of different use case scenarios. I will continue exploring and will dig deeper into PowerApps by Microsoft. Let me know in the comments if you want to see any particular use case.