Field Service Basics:

Field Mobility.

The effectiveness of your technicians in the field is usually the measure of any field service transformation success.  Your field agents will conduct work on site with support from the Microsoft Field Service mobile application.  It's the functionality and information provided by the mobile application that will differentiate you from the competition.  Get your technicians mobile, and keep them in the field with advanced mobility solutions from Microsoft.


Optimise your technicians' time and work while they are on the road, serving your customers.  

With Microsoft Field Service you can equip your technicians with any mobile device - smart phone, tablet or PC - you like.  The Microsoft Field Service mobile application is designed to ensure your field staff can perform all tasks whilst on the road, including transferring inventory into their vans from warehouses and stores, accessing diagrams and work instruction, either resident on the device, or from your company's remote databases, and even collect signatures and take payment, directly from the device.

Working in offline as well as online mode is standard, with auto-sync occurring as soon as reconnection to a networt takes place.